Asgard Rift: Battle Arena

Asgard Rift: Battle Arena is a tactical card game with awesome characters to collect and evolve. Explore an exciting epic universe, battling other players in real time. Create your strategies by leveraging fighters with unique skills and special attacks. Enjoy breathtaking matches and earn amazing rewards. Collect gorgeous chests with extraordinary cards and powerful runes to upgrade your fighters. Unlock new arenas for more fun!

  • Addictive turn-based battles will keep you glued to the screen!
  • Challenge players from all over the world
  • Story mode
  • Collect stunning cards and find out unique special attacks
  • Beat your opponents and take their trophies
  • Earn gorgeous chests and find new cards and runes
  • Evolve your fighters increasing their strength and changing their look
  • Enhance your deck with extraordinary, aberrant and legendary cards
  • Build your personal army to defeat enemies
  • Unlock new arenas for more fun!
  • Do your best and rocket up the leaderboards