The search for the one,the Whack!

What is the couple of words that are both in a single one web page around the world? Find it playing gWhacking!

Let’s find two legitimate words and check how many results google give you back. Closer you get to one, the Whack, and higher will be your score. Attention: no results is not a score!

Do you think that “testosterone” and “photovoltaic” are the right couple of words to win? You are wrong, dude! Rack your brain to find the couple of word used in only one web page in the world!

If you are far from the Whack, you can get point whit all your try not only in the best result chart but also in a global chart.


  • use only legitimate words. Google knows if you search “horse” and “dhjsdjskdjdsdsdsh”
  • use only letters from A to Z. No space, no special characters to cheat google (+,-,?,!, etc.)
  • once you use a couple of word, they will be not available anymore
  • the best couples in the chart can’t be used anymore
  • the same words used more times could generate differents results (such as the web page continuously change)
  • google is the undisputed arbiter of the game
  • if you are so smart to find a Whack, or you get closer, don’t write it on the web, otherwise it won’t be a WHACK anymore (it will be one of the new google results)