Magic Carpet Nightmare Experience


Some bad dreams let you live epic adventures! With Magic Carpet you have the possibility to become one of those characters you loved so much from cult movies and get to destroy VIPs from the star system!
Are you ready for endless mayhem?

The game is really simple:

  • Turn the carpet around
  • Place the enemies in front of you
  • Kick their butts!
  • Catch the magic cookie for total mayhem!

A retro-style game that will make you fear and loathing as in a cult movie… Among the Bosses, discover *Disco Man*, *Gaga Ghost*, *Mad Doctor* and many others.

Get ready to kick!

Main features:

  • 2-tap gameplay, simple and funny to master!
  • Epic Bossfights with VIPs
  • Full of quotes from best cult movies ever
  • Original pixel-art graphics and sound design

Disponibile su iOS e Android


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