Apps for children: An App Reviewer’s Wish List

Le app per bambini sono sicuramente un argomento molto complesso e non banale come si potrebbe pensare dopo uno sguardo superficiale ad una di queste applicazioni.

In quest’articolo Cynthia Chiong, scrittrice del blog “A Matter of App” (A children’s educational app review blog), stila una wish list di caratteristiche da tenere bene per questo genere di applicazioni.

THE BIG 5-0. Fifty reviews, that is. Woo-hoo! This has been quite a learning process for me. I started out with the goal of seeing what’s out there in the app world for kids, and I must admit that my goal has shifted a bit now to seeing what I want to be out there. As a result, I’ve been setting the bar higher. I’ve barely given out any 5 star ratings – just five in all. I’d love to be giving out more! So instead of doing a “best of” list to celebrate the big 5-0, I thought I’d do more of a Top 5 Wish List – things I’d like to see more of:

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