Apps for children: An App Reviewer’s Wish List

Le app per bambini sono sicuramente un argomento molto complesso e non banale come si potrebbe pensare dopo uno sguardo superficiale ad una di queste applicazioni.

In quest’articolo Cynthia Chiong, scrittrice del blog “A Matter of App” (A children’s educational app review blog), stila una wish list di caratteristiche da tenere bene per questo genere di applicazioni.

THE BIG 5-0. Fifty reviews, that is. Woo-hoo! This has been quite a learning process for me. I started out with the goal of seeing what’s out there in the app world for kids, and I must admit that my goal has shifted a bit now to seeing what I want to be out there. As a result, I’ve been setting the bar higher. I’ve barely given out any 5 star ratings – just five in all. I’d love to be giving out more! So instead of doing a “best of” list to celebrate the big 5-0, I thought I’d do more of a Top 5 Wish List – things I’d like to see more of:

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Su quale genere mi oriento per il prossimo gioco da implementare?

In quest’articolo vengono mostrati i 10 generi più giocati su Facebook. Fanno da capolista i Farming Games che con l’aiuto di Farmville 2 vola in prima posizione, non molto distanti, solo in settimana posizione, i Strategy and Combat Games che risultano essere i più redditizi.

With a total of 7.572.831 DAU, Strategy and Combat games come in at seventh place.  This genre sees fairly high monetization rates and the top game, Social Empires, sees Spanish developer Social Point get a look-in.  The Poker genre holds sixth place with Zynga’s Texas HoldEm game claiming in excess of 6 million daily active users (DAU), almost 5 million more than its second placed rival.

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Temple Run 2: ‘Our goal is to build something that lasts for the long term’

Intervista a Keith Shepherd co-fondatore di Imangi, società americana del famosissimo gioco Temple Run, che conta più di 170 milioni di download tra iOS e Android, ci racconta come, con un team di poche persone sono riusciti a costruire un brand così forte come quello di Temple Run.

Imangi Studios is still a small, independent developer. Temple Run was the work of a three-person team: Shepherd, Luckyanova and artist Kiril Tchangov. The sequel was made by five people: that trio plus Jeff Ruediger and Pete Parisi from FuzzyCube Software.

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