Target the emotional brains of your players!

 Nicholas Lovell stila una serie di regole da tenere in considerazione durante lo sviluppo di un gioco Free2Play, ecco la regola numero 10: Have pizzazz, not polish: Free-to-play Design Rule 10

AAA developers have a habit of looking at free-to-play games and saying “The graphics look rubbish on that. Just wait until a proper game maker has a go. We’ll show them what a proper game looks like.”

Then they make a game and it falls flat on its face.

That’s because AAA developers focus on polish, not pizzazz. They target the rational brains of their players, not their emotional hearts. They are putting their development effort in the wrong place.

Link all’articolo si Game’s BriefHave pizzazz, not polish: Free-to-play Design Rule 10

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